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Getting ready for Conference

Yes. If you would like a printed conference pack you are able to purchase one here.
We highly recommend bringing a mobile or tablet device. This will give you the best experience as a delegate. However, if you do not have your own tablet or mobile device you are still able to participate fully as a delegate by following the current debate on the projection screen and ordering a printed conference book for reference.
You can appoint your proxy by logging in and using the Proxy Manager. This will allow you to appoint a proxy from the credentialed list of eligible delegates. Alternatively, you can appoint them using the paper form which your proxy can present at the registration desk on the day.

Administrative Committee and Member of Parliament delegates are not eligible to appoint proxies.

Union delegates cannot appoint their own proxies. These must be appointed by the relevant representative from that union.
Only delegates are permitted on conference floor. Party members who are not delegates are able to register as observers and access the observers area. Observers can register using the unique link sent to their email.

Arriving on the day

The first thing you should do when you arrive is collect your delegate voting card at the Registration Desk. This card will give you access to the Conference Floor and Catering Area.
Parking is available underneath the Kambri building. It is available at a discounted rate of $5.00 for conference attendees. For location details click here.

Logistics at the venue

Tea, coffee and snacks are available to delegates all day in the Catering Area. For barista made coffee there are a number of cafes just outside the Kambri building on University Avenue.

Three meals consisting of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be served in the catering area.

Non-delegates may only access the Catering Area if they purchase a Catering Pass.
Each delegation has an allocated number of seats. You will be directed to you delegation's seating block when you enter the conference main hall. You should sit with your delegation where possible, however we understand that delegates will need to move around.

Seating is in a tiered theatre style and each seat has a built-in retractable lecture table.

Space for wheelchairs is available. If you require disability access please note this when you complete your registration form.
The lobby area has a number of spaces with tables and chairs available to conduct discussions or negotiations away from conference floor. Please check the map here to see the locations.
If you have any questions or problems on the day please refer to the Registration Desk for assistance. If you need further assistance you can contact the Conference Manager on 02 6190 1853.

Tech Support and Online Portal

Charging is available in the corridor entry leading to the Conference Floor. We will have a number of standard charging cords available, however we recommend bringing your own fast charger if you expect to be heavily using your device throughout the day.

There are additionally some power points located in the lobby area that you may use with your own charger.
Technical support for the Delegate Portal is available prior to Conference by emailing or by calling 02 6247 4066.

On the day of Conference, tech support is available from the Support Desk. They will be able to assist with Delegate Portal issues, as well as basic device problems.
When you appoint a proxy using the online Proxy Manager, they will be automatically granted access to the Delegate Area online. They will automatically be sent an email inviting them to register.

Proxies that are appointed using the paper form will be granted a login at the time of registration on the day of conference.
Go to the Support Desk and seek assistance. If they are not able to get your device to work, they may offer you an emergency backup device if any are available.

Conference Proceedings

Yes! Check out our Quick Guide to ACT Labor Conference Proceedings. This will give you a quick overview of how the flow of conference works.
You can propose Amendments to any existing motions, or new General Resolutions, by making a submission through the Amendments page on online Portal.

Submissions close at 11:59pm on Thursday 20th July.
Delegates cannot propose new Platform or Rule changes. These must have been submitted by a party unit or affiliate union around 8 weeks prior to Conference. 

Delegates can however submit amendments to existing Platform and Rule Change proposals.
If you wish to move or second a motion you can register your intention using the Speaker Registration page.

You can additionally register in-person at the Support Desk on the day.

Where more than one person wishes to register their intention to move or second a motion, priority will be given to delegates in the following order:
1. Delegates who originally moved or seconded the motion at a party unit
2. Delegates who belong to a delegation which proposed the motion
3. Any other delegate
If you wish to for or against a motion you can register your intention using the Speaker Registration page on the online Conference Portal.

You can additionally register in-person at the Support Desk on the day.
For Rule Changes, votes are always counted by a small team tellers appointed by the Chair. For all other votes, the Chair makes a determination "on the voices" unless a delegate calls for a count. See the Standing Orders for a more detailed explanation of how votes are counted.
Printed copies of amendments are available to those delegates who have purchased a Printed Conference Book.
The Standing Orders are the rules that set out how Conference is conducted. They set out procedure and rules of debate. You can read the Standing Orders here.

Ballots for Positions Elected at Conference

Voting opens at 11am and closes at the end of the Lunch break or 1:30pm - whichever is later. Voting is located on Level 1 at the top of the main staircase. This area can also be accessed by lift (see map for location).
Positions up for election by a ballot of conference delegates are:
  • Administrative Committee members (15)
  • General Returning Officer (1)
  • Women’s Coordinator (1)
  • Rules and Boundaries Committee members (15)
  • Credentials Committee members (7)
  • Board of Directors of the Canberra Labor Club (6)
  • Board of Directors of the 1973 Foundation (1)
You can nominate by filling out a Nomination Form and sending it to or submitting it in person at Party Office. Nominations for all positions elected at Conference close at 5pm on Thursday 20 July 2023.