Standing Orders

The below standing orders are proposed by the Agenda Committee. If adopted by Conference these will replace the previous standing orders in Regulation 2.9.



Click here to download the standing orders.


Notable Changes

There a a few notable changes in these standing orders including:

  1. Closure time for submission of Amendments and General Resolutions to be set by the Agenda Committee. This time has been set to 11:59pm Thursday 18 August.
  2. Movers and seconders are now able to pre-register their intention to move or second. Priority will be given to delegates in the following order
    • any delegate who originally moved or seconded the motion when it was passed at a referring party unit
    • any delegate who belongs to the delegation of a party unit or affiliate union which proposed the motion
    • any other delegate
  3. The chair is is now empowered to
    • extend speaking time for a speaker where necessary to promote the accessibility of speaking before conference
    • give priority to a delegate that is member of an affected community when selecting speakers about a motion affecting that community being considered by conference.
  4. Delegates are now given the option of deferring consideration of a motion to a point in the future.